100 Love Sonnets

By Anthony Maulucci

“Maulucci has taken the sonnet forward into the 21st century and made it relevant again.” — George Michael Erickson, literary historian

Out of the crucible of divorce comes a book about love . . . In this exciting collection of lyrical, sensual, and elegant poems, A. S. Maulucci offers romantic readers a fresh take on the sonnet, the time-honored and most elevated form for expressing the mysterious emotion we call love.

Two poets have created sonnets which have proved a delight and an inspiration to many. The great Italian Renaissance scholar Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374) wrote several hundred love poems to a woman named Laura and published them in a collection called Canzoniere (“Songbook”). These sonnets seem very modern – they focus on the psychology of the lover – and they have had a profound influence on other poets throughout Europe. Similarly, the sonnets of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), author of Cien Sonetos de Amor, are filled with sensual imagery, and they are still read and loved around the world. The work of both of these poets became the models for Maulucci’s own sonnets. He too wrote most of them for one extraordinary woman.