9 Narrative Poems

9 Narrative Poems

By Anthony Maulucci

These nine poems tell the stories of the emotional lives of lovers, artists, writers and others who struggle to hold onto their own self-worth when confronted with the insanity and indifference of the contemporary world.


“Varying in mood and style, these poems are united by intensity and an abundant flow of images. They are marked by a zeal for truth, a thirst for pleasure, and wonder at the often surprising ways in which they intertwine.
The ‘Remembered Loves’ are passionate and poignant, and ‘Henri Matisse in the South of France’ has a visual sensuousness befitting its subject,
but the real stand-outs are the two longest poems, ‘Notturno (Nocturne)’ and ‘Song of the Seasons,’ rich with the hard-won lessons of experience and the irreducible complexities of existence.”

— Michael Palma, poet and translator of Dante´s Inferno in terza rima, recently published by W.W. Norton