Adriana's Eyes and Other Stories

Adriana’s Eyes and Other Stories

By Anthony Maulucci

Twelve stories of love, family, and the search for identity set in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Boston, Montreal, and the Canadian Rockies. Each story tells an unvarnished truth about the human condition. The memorable characters are lovers, cynics, seekers, romantics and sinners. Some poignant portrayals of the Italian American experience. Half of them have been published in literary magazines.

“Adriana’s Eyes” is a story of a strong second-generation Italian American single mother told from the point of view of her musically gifted son. It takes place in Hartford in the late fifties to early sixties, and is, in effect, a song of praise to all Italian American mothers.


“Natural storytelling skills.”

“’The Carpenter’s Son’ . . . shines like a gem.”

“Rich with cultural history that provides depth and dimension of character . . . ‘The Carpenter’s Son’ is told effortlessly . . .”

“’Satori’ shows Maulucci’s ability to put the reader in the story with details large and small.”

“’Paternity’ possesses a rich, mellifluous environment.”

“Maulucci writes with his whole experience of the character’s environment.”

“Brilliant landscape painting.”

“The Italian American perspective is sharply and astutely displayed.”

— Voices in Italian Americana (VIA), Fall 2001

“Maulucci’s use of language and his narrative skills are above average, and his ability to observe and draw from the bustling world around him is considerable. [His] insights on the complexities of the human condition are readable and on-target . . . it’s not from lack of talent that major publishing houses haven’t come knocking at his door.”

— Rick Koster, The New London Day