February 25, 2015

FOUNTAINS, a new play Anthony S. Maulucci, is a romantic comedy in four acts about a gardener’s daughter and a successful New York architect who meet and fall in love on the Connecticut estate where the architect is creating an Italian-style garden complete with a fountain which will feature a sculpture of a beautiful nude […]

A Fortunate Man

A Fortunate Man

April 1, 2014

CESAR RODRIGUEZ, A FORTUNATE MAN (UN HOMBRE AFORTUNATO), a full-length play by A. S. Maulucci, is the story of a man fighting to save his humanity and the soul of his country. It’s the story of a highly successful Latin American artist, Cesar Rodriguez, who has become a dissident and a “truth-teller” determined to speak […]


The Unforgivable

January 29, 2014

The discovery of a lost painting rekindles an old rivalry between two close friends. Andrew Castaldi and Steven Rosenberg are middle-aged professionals haunted by the memory of a beautiful woman they were both in love with many years ago. Andrew is now married to Steven’s ex-wife and Steven is engaged to a lovely young woman […]


Large Red Interior

January 29, 2014

A highly readable full-length play about Henri Matisse, his model/muse Lydia Delectorskaya, and Pablo Picasso. Two titans of modern art, one aging quickly and in his last decade, the other in his prime, and an extraordinary young woman, who intensifies the rivalry between these two great artists and ignites a contest of wills to see […]


The Rose Garden

January 29, 2014

In this second play in Maulucci’s series about Italian American life in the 20th century, a mysteriously beautiful rose garden forms the backdrop to a young World War Two veteran’s story of self-discovery. Sandro Argenti, a talented jazz musician, is living with his wife Gabriella and her parents in a Hartford, Connecticut suburb in the […]

The Square (La Piazza)

The Square (La Piazza)

November 4, 2013

THE SQUARE (La Piazza) is a comedy-drama (a comedy, mostly) about a “Little Italy” community just prior to World War Two (1940–41) and has a large cast of delightfully complex characters, such as Caesar the policeman-philosopher who quotes Marcus Aurelius, Dan the poet-news editor, and Michael the photographer-womanizer. The central focus of the story is […]