Little Island

Little Island

By Anthony Maulucci

This is the story of Little Island, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean who wanted to be discovered. The following is an excerpt:

Way out in the middle of the enormous ocean there lived a tiny island no bigger than a soccer field. Surrounded by miles and miles of water, she had plenty of breathing space, and she was very lonely. More than anything this island wanted to be discovered, but no ships were ever foolish enough to sail that way.

No one ever found her, and the tiny island was very, very sad.

Little Island had one small hill with a palm tree growing on it. She wished for a volcano instead of a hill. If she had a volcano someone would notice her when the volcano erupted, she thought.

One day Little Island decided to call to a cloud that was passing by. She called and called, “Hey, Cloud. Come down and play with me!”