Poet To Poet

Poet to Poet

By Anthony Maulucci

Dear young poets, do you want to know how to put “celestial fire” into your poetry? What differentiates this guide for the beginning poet from all the others is that it is written in verse, not prose, using rhyming quatrains which make the lessons easy to understand, easy to remember, and a pleasure to read.

Written especially for young poets, and those with a youthful creative spirit, by an award-winning author and experienced college professor, this guide gives examples and advice on using metaphors, similes, meter, rhyme, and free verse, explains the need for emotional engagement, and explores the supercharged language of poetry as well as its various forms. Inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s instructional poem, “Metrical Feet,” which he wrote for his son Hartley.

“I wish this book had been around when I started writing poetry.”

— Alyssa Cohen, Montreal poet and educator