The Discovery of Luminous Being

The Discovery of Luminous Being

By Anthony Maulucci

A Jewish father and son driven apart by irreconcilable differences . . . This is Mr. Maulucci’s first published novel, the story of an angry young man in conflict with his overbearing father during the Vietnam war. Set in Montreal in the tumultuous early 1970’s where Leo Trager, a famous mural painter, is working on a commission for The Museum of Man. Twenty-one-year-old Rafe Trager arrives and a confrontation soon ensues during which Rafe vents all his bottled up rage at his father’s shortcomings and rails against the injustices of military conscription during a conflict of highly questionable purpose and morality. Spent and vulnerable, he meets the lovely Suzanne Nicholas whose mystery, beauty and nurturing strength help Rafe begin the long healing process and enable him to come to a major realization about himself and his father. During this one crucial week in 1971, Rafe Trager comes to terms with his parents’ divorce, falls in love, discovers the courage to stand up to his father, makes a decision about the draft, and discovers his own spiritual freedom, the “luminous being” of the book’s title.


“[In this novel] Rafe Trager learns not to dwell on or in the past but rather to BE in the ‘luminous’ present. [He's caught] at a moment of crisis — the Vietnam war, young love and generational rivalry. Will the moment be catastrophic or luminous? That’s the question Anthony Maulucci poses and explores with a great deal of sensitivity.”

— Charles Ross, University of Hartford

“Amid the beauty and liveliness of Montreal, a young American must confront his long-time anger at his successful neglectful father . . . This is brave fiction, bristling with the pain and glimpses of joy inherent in real life.”

— Elisavietta Ritchie, author of ten collections of poetry and Flying Time: Stories and Half-Stories

“A highly lyrical, bittersweet, romantic story.”

— Bill Brownstein, Montreal journalist

“An engrossing, well-crafted tale . . . Some very fine writing that increases with every page. Maulucci superbly captures the charms of Montreal.”

— Ken Stroebel, The Norwich Bulletin

“Dead-on descriptions of the relationship of a young man with his overbearing but highly creative father. One can really feel the emotions.”

— Richard Kamins, The Hartford Courant

“Generational mistrust and hard choices in the Vietnam era’s City of Refuge, Montreal. A wonderful portrait of conflicts that still divide us.”

— Thomas Palmer, author of The Transfer and Dream Science

“A powerful first novel with a stirring conclusion.”

— David Alvarez, Florida author