Rosselli Cantata

The Rosselli Cantata

By Anthony Maulucci

A novel inspired by a true story that made headlines in The Hartford Courant in 1925. It takes place in southern Italy and New York City in 1924-25 as well as Hartford, Connecticut in 1962.

In this story of a man’s search for his father’s murderer, an Italian immigrant breaks a cycle of vengeance. Salvatore Rosselli is the son of a poor Italian farmer embroiled in a feud over a precious patch of fertile land in an arid region of Foggia in southern Italy. The events of a single day in 1924 change Salvatore’s life forever. He vows to avenge his father’s murder and spends the next year pursuing the killer to Naples and then New York City, where he loses track of him. When he finds him again it is 38 years later and Salvatore, now a wealthy businessman, is able to forgive his father’s killer because of a strange twist of fate.


“Written with the strength and simplicity of a folk tale. Maulucci has a fine grasp of Italian American life . . . . powerful images. I thought of Cavaliera Rusticana and Pagliacci . . . This book has the same verismo.”

— Eugene Mirabelli, author of The Passion of Terri Heart and The World at Noon

“Swiftly told poetic prose.”

“Maulucci has a gift for storytelling.”

“Capturing fear, ignorance, respect, family, love, hate, and peasant spirituality, Maulucci paints a picture that is multi-dimensional.

— Voices in Italian Americana (VIA), Fall 2001

“A compelling new novel. The storytelling is unmistakably, irrepressibly, beguilingly Italian.”

— The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Maulucci is enormously gifted.”

— Don Gastwirth, New Haven attorney and literary agent

“Maulucci is a strong writer with much to say.”

— Robert Giroux, legendary New York publisher with Farrar, Straus & Giroux