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So you’re invited to a wedding (yay!) But you have zero clue on what to wear (ugh). The first step is to look at the invitation, but it says…black tie optional? What does that even mean? Is it less fancy than black tie? Are short dresses acceptable? Ugh, why do dress codes even exist??

Girl, we understand the struggle. Whether you need to brush up or are already up to code, scroll below for our crash course on cheap wedding dress codes, plus exactly what to wear for each. On your mark, get set, decode.
Oh you fancy, huh? A white tie dress code is as formal as it gets, meaning a long evening dress is mandatory (no minis in sight!) Get swept up in glam with a gorgeous satin off the shoulder ballgown in pretty emerald. Don’t forget the jewelry; try chandelier earrings and a rhinestone bracelet to match the elegant waistband.
Chances are you’ve heard of this one before! A black tie dress code is common for an evening event, so dress to the nines in a sophisticated gown with pretty embellishments, like this fitted off the shoulder style. And bonus: the beaded panels on the sides make your curves look fire. 

A step down from black tie, black tie optional is more about the men’s dress code, so simply read this as a typical black tie event. You can, however go a bit easier on the embellishments and opt for a simpler style; this strapless red slit dress is subtle yet still makes a statement. Plus, the leg slit shows off a killer pair of heels.
No need to go as fancy as a gown here; a cocktail invite = a short, chic style. Keep your dress up to code by choosing one with elegant detailing, like lace or beading. This navy two tone fit and flare is a perfect match.

Ahh, sun, sand, and sea. For a wedding in the elements, choosing a dress that’s breathable and non-constricting is key. A flowy gown bearing 3-D florals and an illusion skirt transitions seamlessly from sunny shore to ceremony under the stars. Pair it with fancy flats for day and heels for night. 
Semi-formal means finding a happy medium between formal and casual. This style does just that; the black bodice keeps it simple while the satin skirt adds a dose of dressy. Now where’s the dance floor?

Because it may take place entirely outside, a daytime wedding has the most laid back dress code of all. But this isn’t the time to pull out the jeans and shorts-remember, it’s still a wedding! A sundress or simple solid style like this halter fit and flare effortlessly complements a day event.

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Side cutouts. A plunging neckline. An open back. There’s plenty of flirty ways to show skin when dressing to the nines, but there’s just something about a thigh-high leg slit that just exudes red carpet glamour. From Angelina’s famed Oscars dress to basically every Kendall gown, showing off your stems is basically a mainstay in the world of formal wear. Ready to strut your stuff this summer? We pulled 8 long evening dresses that are a cut above the rest (see what we did there?) Scroll below so you, too, can have your red carpet moment. Killer pair of heels optional. 

Whether it’s spring, winter, summer, or fall, a leg slit dress universally suits any season, making any of these styles perfect for an upcoming RSVP…and again for a glitzy holiday party. Leg slits serve a dual purpose of posh and practical; a pop of leg makes maneuvering around the room (and dance floor!) a breeze due to its non-constricting silhouette.

A thigh-baring look is daring on its own, so scope out dresses with more modest necklines. Get set to stun in a mod one shoulder style, or go for a beaded v-neck for an extra dose of luxe. Want to be on-point with one of the hottest trends? Then a satin wrap dress is your black tie go-to. Slip it on and the night is yours.

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Promotional Cafe Cups with Personalized Prints

One of the important things about promotional gifts marketing is that it can be customized to meet your requirements or to find a special product which is yours alone. This is why promotional cafe cups have become the more and more popular items in recent months, and many organizations and community groups not only taking advantage of the effective double walled insulation but mostly, people are interested in the idea that the cup, the cap and the silicone gripping band are all available in variable colors of your choice so the final product can be personalized to be as colorful, or as close a match to your corporate livery as you like. 
The cafe cups have 144 possible color combinations in total. Each combination is colorful and hard to miss, and this is why people are attracted to them. There are a large number of other reasons people consider these cups and for some the color is at the top of the list. One of the other great advantages is the fact that these cups have a great level of inbuilt insulation with a doubled walled system, similar to what one would see in a double glazed window reducing the speed at which temperature inside the cup reaches the same as the outside world. This wonder of physics is not only a stylish and useful way of designing a promotional cup, it’s also a way to deduct waste and repeat trips back to the kitchen or coffee shops the contents of every cafe cup is more likely to remain at the right temperature until the very last sip than is the case with coffee and tea served in more traditional paper or foam disposable coffee cups.
The high level of insulation is a great advantage which goes beyond the general level of utility cafe cup users experience. This make things more convenient, besides, when these cups find their true home, in a cafe or retail outlet as their name suggests, this is when they make real inroads into the disposable cup culture which has become such a plague on the modern retail industry. Many cafes are now using this range of cups to replace paper or foam coffee cups which are generally the way in which people buy their morning coffee. By offering to sell a personalized cafe cup to customers in a one off transaction people have a reason to keep using the cup and take it back to the same cafe every day to have it refilled.
And it’s not only the range of BPA free, acrylic plastic cafe cups which have people talking, there are also stainless steel cafe cups with much the same general design which have taken the market by storm and look like setting completely new agenda in future in the ongoing war for the daily coffee budget of the average consumer. So if you’re thinking about purchasing new promotional products which are both amazing and practical consider the many advantages inherent with the colorful promotional cafe cups range.

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Own your Promotional Custom Coins

Coins and coinage have been regarded as a way of exchange and a store of value through the house of human history. So it makes great sense that the smart businessmen would want to make good use of the associations with wealth and value inherent in the use of coins. Minting your own custom coins is not a hard thing in fact using the Fresh promotions free design service the process of having your own custom coins personalized is simple and the end results produce a promotional idea, the value of which is far beyond the actual unit cost. Here we outline the basic steps required to mint your own custom currency and the ways in which the final product can be used to raise perceptions and the real values of your brand.
Coins are a simple and effective with extremely large branding areas relative to the total item of the area. As with most coins people are unlikely to discard a coin they receive so this simple attribute means that printing your logo and message to a custom made coin means the branding device is likely to hang around for years creating a long lasting means of enhancing awareness of your company and your offerings. That a coin is a simple store of value and that it makes a completely powerful statement are two facts which the modern day marketer would be sensible to take on board. 


Not only are coins amazing personal gift items they are the good way to mark a commemorative event. Simple, compact and with high apparent value they are the best way for a government or organization to create a memento which will be kept for years to come and gives a certain gravitas and feeling of inherent value to an event. In years past it was common for a special coin, medal or custom medallion to be manufactured which would be used to celebrate and remember a public event such as victory in war, or the birth or marriage of another member of a prevailing royal family. This is still the case today as people who design and manufacture custom coins often do so in the hope that they will be given to attendees at an event and that the memory of the great day will last on every time an attendee looks again at the custom promotional products they received as part of the celebration.
These reasons are some of the may why you should think about the custom coins as an important part of the promotional activity of your team or sports club.

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Best Promotional Gift Business, Lowest Price Here

Promotional merchants in different business field are always in big demands. Because it can aid in branding, improve their opinion of your company and help them to remember your products or services. The acquisition supports our plans for growth with a vision to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of promotional items and print for brands, and we are serious about taking their marketing to the next level.
“The acquisition not only provides an important growth chance for us as a business, but it also means that we extend the services we offer to our current clients. Our customers, will benefit from increased buying power as we keep on growing, which means we will be able to deliver a broader range of creative products to work within our customers’ budget’s together with providing the addition of an in-house studio and stability for the future to the customers”.
We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to clients over the coming weeks and ensuring the transition of the acquisition is seamless.
Jamie Marshall recently scooped the award for Businessman of the Year in addition to the Employer of the Year award at the Countywide Business Awards Essex.
Research shows that when customers keep your promotional product and use it, they become more and more familiar with your company name and therefore, more likely to order from you again.
New Promotional Branding Required
Past rich experience for promotions told us that you need new branding in your company’s life.
You’ve used the same item at your annual trade show, and it seems that since the first promotional product was introduced in 1789 when George Washington was elected president! Boring! 
Your logo is purple on one shirt, in green italics on your mugs, yet glossy & gold on your company logos. While 53% of the time, promotional products create a more favorable impression of the advertiser…you fall in the other 47%.
Your marketing team spends hours focused on finding promo gift ideas…and doing nothing else.
You’re spending tens of thousands of your marketing budget on radio, Ad words and print…and you’re not aware that at one-tenth of a cent, promotional bags tie with writing instruments for the cheapest cost per impression of any marketing tactic in the U.S.
Your boss demands quantifiable ROI numbers after a tradeshow or recruiting event, and all you can think of is – HUH?
You look in your home office or kitchen cabinet and see other company’s promo items and think “wow, I hope ours don’t look as bad as that!”
Your clients spend a lot a year with you and your giving them a branded mug with Hershey kisses for the holidays…can we say, kick in the face…
To be honest, your customer experience stinks and your sales team knows it….do you know how to execute a loyalty campaign which includes awesome promotional gifts to help rebuild goodwill. You have no idea that promotional items can be tied to digital campaigns.

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Build your brand with Customized Logos 

Is there any special strategy to build your brand?
Promotional products can really help with the branding of your company and can be a crucial important factor to your marketing method.
Each year, the promotional items, imprinted with your company name and/or logo should be taken as an investment and an important part of the marketing budget each year. Giving promotional gifts to your current and potential customers:
How will you benefit from that?
It can aid in branding, improve their opinion of your company and help them to remember your products or services. Besides, it will make them more likely to buy from you. In addition, they are cheaper and more effective than many other forms of advertising and marketing
When customers receive promotional products with logo prints, they keep them for a long period of time. Actually, studies have shown that many people keep promotional products for an average of one year or longer.
Everyone likes to receive something for free. Research shows that when customers keep your promotional product and use it, they become more and more familiar with your company name and therefore, more likely to order from you again.
Investing in a promotional merchandise campaign can bring a greater return on investment than other type of advertising. Promotional products can cost considerably less per impression, yet are kept for years and can also be passed onto or seen by other potential customers.
We accept all the cheap promotional items logo printed promotional products. We can help you choose the right product to represent your company.

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The Power of Personalization of your Gifts

Personalizing a high quality garment from a leading outdoor brand will raise your brand and make it more recognizable, making more interest in the products and services you provide.
Now let’s talk about the importance of brand identity. To create a recognizable image, you are required to put simply, design, symbols and colors all work together. Customers who get used to seeing until it becomes instantly recognizable will be greatly impressed by your logo. Once customers get used to seeing a logo, they start to automatically associate it with the values and vision of that brand. And over time, the image will become a logo customers will trust which will, in turn, lead to company loyalty. So by personalizing your soft shell from The North Face, your fleece from Berghaus, or your bag from Eastpak, you’re getting your name out there! To your customers, other factories and even the man on the street, who may be your next client!
We were lucky at The Outdoors Company to help deliver the kit to National Parks UK and provide personalization thanks to our team of highly skilled decorators who have over 10 years’ experience of personalising high-end technical garments. 
If you look at the target of most logo brand strategies, it’s clear how effective corporate clothing is, in building an identity. Corporate clothing not only makes you and your brand appealing to the customer, but also has a positive effect act on your workforce. Providing staff with personalized workwear, particularly top quality garments from premium brands, will lift morale, pride and determination amongst your staff. Personalized apparel with logo imprint from premium retail outdoor brands are actually promo items really used by people, rather than just thrown in a cupboard at home with other cheap low-end promo products that just don’t last!
While the original investment in clothing and bags from premium outdoor brands for promotional products purposes might be higher than that of low-end, unbranded or non-retail items, it’s a value-for-money choice. Staffs are more possibly to use these products, both in work and out, which means greater show of your logo!
In addition to providing premium branded outdoor wear, we can also supply other promotional items with print services, which many of our customers tend to choose for simply because of the risk involved in personalizing top-end technical garments.

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Cheap Stylish Children Outfits at Your Wedding

Do you like to have children at your wedding? My personal preference will always be for children at weddings. Because I love the sense of riot, fun and unequivocal joy they can add to on the occasion.
In summer, I know many of delightful outdoor and beachside weddings will be taking place anywhere. Today we recommend our Little Eglantine which is a brand full of love and creation. The founder Stephanie Staub born in French, who spends her days designing and handcrafting each of the divine little outfits, and pours all her love into everything she creates.  wedding dresses
Stephanie says “Before your wedding, you can tell us what the design your dreams and we will create it for you. We will spend as much time as each client needs to get a clear idea of their personal style, then we discuss ideas and eventually create a truly individual design for the little ones, whether they are tiny babies or teenage children. Then our clients will receive an appropriate estimate of the fabric swatches they are interested in, which can help them to choose the best fabric of the ourfits they like. Our every client will always have the opportunity to modify their designs along the way until they are really satisfied.”
For those who are planning a magical ocean cheap wedding dresses, whether in the UK or on these most gorgeous tropical islands, Little Eglantine has the perfect flower girl dresses and page boy outfits. For an elegant laid-back wedding, our white fine cotton dress with golden spots is perfect, with its delicate mother-of-pearl button fastening, which is available in size 3 months to 18 months, the price is usually £54 but currently £27.
“For the cutest boys, we suggest an elegant shirt made from soft, grey, lightweight cotton with tiny stripes and smart Mao collar, which is usually £48 but currently £24 in the sale. You will also love the real sea-shell button fastening on the front. The long sleeves that can be turned up for a comfortable Summer Style. While you can match white cotton shorts that are front pleated. We love the real sea-shell finish on the front and contrasting soft grey cotton lining inside the waistband. These shorts are usually £54 but currently £27 in our sale. Both items come in sizes 3 months to 18 months.” 
What best than a sun-downer wedding on the beach? Especially when it is on a paradise island! Our Annabelle dress, made of a shinning golden taffeta with a sparkling golden tulle overskirt and a burgundy velvet ribbon at the waist, which will be a vibrant response to any beautiful golden red sun. This dress is available in sizes 18 months to 9 years and costs £178, that has advantage in whether outlook or price. Additionally, Our Ines dress is the cutest little maxi gown that we can provide in sizes 9 months to 9 years, £235.
“For those planning a romantic beach wedding dresses, our Emmanuelle knee-length dress and our Celeste flower girl dress, with their elegant deep backs will be attractive for everyone’s eyes. Mix them with adorable floral headdresses and you’ll be the prettiest junior bridal you dream of.”
If you have any requirements, Stephanie would love to satisfy you anyway. You can choose any piece of children outfits you like on the website, if want to get more information you can click here.

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Plus Size Prom Dresses for your shopping

As for girls who are ready for prom, shopping for their satisfied prom dress usually seems a pressure-filled thing. In such an important evening, you can’t see any style which is not comfortable, figure-flattering, and surely no lack of gorgeous. After all, for most of us, prom only happens once. As a plus size girl, shopping can be a big challenge, since you want to accentuate, not conceal, your curvaceous frame. Our website offers a range of stunning plus size prom dresses from famous advanced designers like Mac Duggal and Faviana. You can check the website and appreciate the fashionable styles for your favor.  
Actually, this popular designer has a large variety of prom dresses, from elegant to sexy. For example, striking column silhouettes adorned with sequins, sweeping chiffon pieces in soft pastels, or extravagant gowns worthy of a Met Gala appearance. You can choose any style you like according to your figure and interest.
As we all know, Cheap prom dresses are perfect for the minimalist, which is known for being sleek and streamlined. With low-key embellishments and form-fitting silhouettes, all pieces from this collection gorgeously complement a curvy frame. From our website you can find a fashionable variety of two piece, off the shoulder, and racer cut Faviana prom dresses, that’s perfect!
With the feature of feminine, flirty, and sophisticated, our website offers a wide range of lace plus size prom dresses by Camille La Vie. For example, you can find styles with illusion necklines, pretty applique detailing, and classic empire silhouettes that accentuate all body types for a photo finished perfectly. So, are you ready for your prom weekend? Come on!

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Finding Your Spring Pastel Prom Dresses

For spring, we can think of many things related, such as warm air, fresh blooms, the dawn of Coachella. In fashion field, we can’t deny the important influence of pastels in the prequel to summer. It may be hard to look past the Easter-egg quality of these flirty hues, but pastels have shed their youthful aura for a sleeker, which with more sophisticated vibe, you can see varies designs from street style to cheap evening dress 2019 everywhere.
As the prom season is so popular recently, your formal wardrobe is likely lined up and ready for wear. If you have no idea about it, please don’t worry. Our website offers an elegant variety of designer prom dresses with the most beautiful pastels. Take a break from moody black or navy and breathe new life into your look with soft yellow, peach, or trendy lavender. These beautiful shades add a dose of color to any atmosphere, from ballroom to outdoor soiree, without excessive drama. Whether you’re dancing under the chandeliers or mingling in the crowd, any of these pieces is absolutely stunning. You can enjoy the abundant choice from a wide range of silhouettes like opulent overskirts, regal ballgowns, and figure flattering columns as your side.
Lastly, the Luxurious embellishments such as illusion lace and intricate beading make the dress finished perfectly. What’s more, you can find our pastel prom dresses by a variety of popular designers, including Tarik Ediz, Mac Duggal, Terani, and more.
All your spring cheap prom dresses are collected completely here, you can create a beautiful scenery of pastels for prom season by yourself. Don’t miss this good chance and create it for your pastel world…

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