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How to deal with your wedding dress after your wedding?

You might think an important question after your wedding: What can you do with your wedding dress?
Some women will choose to save it as a treasured possession, since it’s a rather large investment and happy memory during your life, after all it owns big worth and sense. While others may think it’s unnecessary to keep it, you wouldn’t be likely to wear again, or if you keep it for your next generation of family but they may don’t like it.
Actually, there is no right or wrong thing to do with your wedding dress, you don’t need to feel a certain way about it. Every bride will be different. Just do what you feel it’s right.  
If you keep it for storage, some services will dry clean your precious dress and then box it up for you. You may want to keep it for yourself or leave it for next generation of your family one day. (Getting your dress properly cleaned and stored is the ideal way to ensure it is safely stored and will stay away from chemicals, bugs, light damage, and anything else that may affect it. Once boxed, it can be put in a cupboard until the next time needed. )
If you have no idea what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding is over, and you don’t want to let it hang in your closet for a long time, here are some other suggestions.
There are many places you can sell your wedding dress secondhand, but the easiest is through our preloved dresses pages on (Easy Weddings).
On the other side, you may choose not to sell it, it’s a good way to donate it to a secondhand store. By donating your dress to be resold you will raise money for the chosen charity, which is a lovely way to let the goodwill of your wedding day keep for a long time.
As we all know, Angel Gowns Australia is a gorgeous charity through which volunteers turn donated wedding dresses into free tiny gowns for stillborn or very premmie babies who pass away without leaving the hospital. The families of these babies will very rarely have clothes for them to get buried in, when this incredibly sad occasion is needed charities like Angel Gowns give these dresses to the hospitals for available.
It’s rather cool to have a professional photo shoot and trash your cheap wedding dress if you are thinking something else with your wedding dress. You can search the images and ideas on the internet, the more adventurous and messier, the better.
Since wedding sundresses are so dramatic, it can be made an artwork when you trash it wonderfully for the cameras. And please make sure that you get good photos with your wedding photographer’s effective suggestions, or it won’t be worth.
Some talented craftspeople can take your beautiful dress with all of the emotion and nostalgia,
or for something can be created out of your wedding dress 2019, they are more appeciated if you can ribbon or wrap it for your daughters’ wedding bouquet, which are rather practical ways than storing the entire dress.
As an artwork, it’s easy to make your cheap wedding dress permanent display at home. Just choose a nice section and put it with other mementos (such as your bouquet or wedding invitation) into a shadow box. And if you are not good at creating your own shadowbox, you can look for someone that can do this for you online. Sounds good!