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The Power of Personalization of your Gifts

Personalizing a high quality garment from a leading outdoor brand will raise your brand and make it more recognizable, making more interest in the products and services you provide.
Now let’s talk about the importance of brand identity. To create a recognizable image, you are required to put simply, design, symbols and colors all work together. Customers who get used to seeing until it becomes instantly recognizable will be greatly impressed by your logo. Once customers get used to seeing a logo, they start to automatically associate it with the values and vision of that brand. And over time, the image will become a logo customers will trust which will, in turn, lead to company loyalty. So by personalizing your soft shell from The North Face, your fleece from Berghaus, or your bag from Eastpak, you’re getting your name out there! To your customers, other factories and even the man on the street, who may be your next client!
We were lucky at The Outdoors Company to help deliver the kit to National Parks UK and provide personalization thanks to our team of highly skilled decorators who have over 10 years’ experience of personalising high-end technical garments. 
If you look at the target of most logo brand strategies, it’s clear how effective corporate clothing is, in building an identity. Corporate clothing not only makes you and your brand appealing to the customer, but also has a positive effect act on your workforce. Providing staff with personalized workwear, particularly top quality garments from premium brands, will lift morale, pride and determination amongst your staff. Personalized apparel with logo imprint from premium retail outdoor brands are actually promo items really used by people, rather than just thrown in a cupboard at home with other cheap low-end promo products that just don’t last!
While the original investment in clothing and bags from premium outdoor brands for promotional products purposes might be higher than that of low-end, unbranded or non-retail items, it’s a value-for-money choice. Staffs are more possibly to use these products, both in work and out, which means greater show of your logo!
In addition to providing premium branded outdoor wear, we can also supply other promotional items with print services, which many of our customers tend to choose for simply because of the risk involved in personalizing top-end technical garments.